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If you’re a restaurant owner or a web developer working for a restaurant, you know that a lot of thought goes into how a menu is designed. One of the most common practices is to draw the diner’s attention to a section of the menu. This is often done by designing this section differently — maybe it is placed in a box, maybe a unique font is used.

But how can we imitate this design practice on the website? Some people try to inline CSS code directly into the content through the WordPress editor. But this is generally frowned upon. If you change themes or design styles down the road, you’ll have to go back through all of your menu items to change them one-by-one. We need a way to write normal CSS rules that target a specific section.

To help with this, Food and Drink Menu wraps every menu section in a class which references its unique ID in the WordPress databas


      Your choice of farmhouse, sourdough. Served with chips. Available until 6pm

    • Fish & chips

      £Beer-battered line caught Haddock served with chunky chips, a charred lemon wedge and garden or mushy peas


      Slow-cooked in red wine and tomato sauce,served with warm garlic sourdough bread

    • HAM & EGG

      Slices of Honey roast ham, hand-cut chips and a fried hen’s egg


      Topped with mashed potato, accompanied with seasonal vegetables


      Vegetarian burger served in a toasted bun, with lettuce, red onion, and tomato served with chunky chips


      Whitby wholetail scampi served with chunky chips, garden or mushy peas and tartare sauce



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